Janine Harker, Editor


I am:

  • a professional writer and editor currently based in Ottawa, ON. For the past two decades I’ve worked for the Canadian federal government in the fields of intelligence, national security, and customs/immigration, and in locations throughout Canada and the United States. Prior to joining the federal government I worked as a journalist, editor, and graphic designer.

  • originally from Vancouver, BC. I hold an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University, a Journalism Certificate from Langara College, and a Bachelor of Arts (archeology and English literature) from Simon Fraser University.

  • a member of Editors Canada and currently serve as the chair of its Communications and Marketing Committee. Find out more about Editors Canada at www.editors.ca.

I enjoy writing and editing, and I have seen the impact that a well-written report can have on decision makers. Too much information and too little time leave executives drowning in written materials that are often confusing, poorly sourced, and rarely written with their perspective in mind. Frontline operators are similarly afflicted by written instructions and other materials that are wordy, illogical, and hard to navigate when information is required in a hurry. Let’s work together to change that.