Janine Harker, Editor

Client Feedback


editors canada

Janine has done a fabulous job on leading the Editors Canada task force on activities for the association’s 40th anniversary. From the moment she stepped up to take the lead on the task force, she’s been superbly organized. Her report to the national executive council (laying out plans for the task force) was so well thought out and presented that the directors approved everything in it, without any changes at all.

As I’ve been supervising her work, I’ve noted that she treats this volunteer role with the same level of professionalism that I’d expect from someone in a paid position.
·      She laid out a communications calendar for the entire year.
·      She plans everything out ahead of time (so there is no last-minute stress on herself or her volunteers).
·      She sends encouraging and motivating emails to her team.
·      She readily seeks advice and input.

Because Janine keeps me informed of where the work is at, I’ve been able to have no worries at all about this task force. I’ve been so impressed by her writing abilities, her commitment to the team and her dependability that I’ve been able to let her just have free rein, offering guidance only when she asks for it. It’s been a delight to work with someone with such a strong skillset.  

~ Gael Spivak, President, Editors’ Association of Canada

United DFC SOCCER club

We have always been impressed with the work Ms. Harker has done for our organization. Whether editing our content or writing the piece for us, she is a gifted wordsmith and we have never been disappointed with her efforts. Ms. Harker is efficient, effective, and has a real talent for writing. 

~ Susan Steele, United DFC Soccer Club, Dartmouth NS