Janine Harker, Editor


writer & editor

Professional writing and editing services for law enforcement, security, and public safety organizations

You have a job to do, but you don’t necessarily have time to write about it. Let me use my expertise to take care of your writing and editing needs, so that you can use your expertise to focus on protecting your community. 

I specialize in writing and editing documents intended for frontline operators and decision makers in the law enforcement, environment protection, security, and public safety domains. With two decades’ experience in law enforcement and security intelligence work, I understand the importance of clear and well-written documents for those doing the job, and for those who make decisions about how to do it.

I work with discretion, professionalism, and an understanding that law enforcement and public safety work continually evolves in response to changes in technology and training, as well as developments in law, jurisprudence, and public perception. I understand that every document has an intended and an unintended audience, and I work with clients to ensure that their written materials present well under scrutiny.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada


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The whole point of having things read before publication is to test their effect on a general reader. You want to make sure when you go out there that the tag on the back of your collar isn’t poking up—unless, of course, you are deliberately wearing your clothes inside out.
— Mary Norris, Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen